The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy in sports is perhaps the most obvious and widely known use of the treatment and it is certainly important for that area. However, physiotherapy is for more than just athletes. It can help anyone who has suffered a painful injury or physical disease improve the movement potential of their body so that they can continue to lead fulfilling lives. It does not matter if they are at the start of life or nearing the end of it, physiotherapy has many uses and benefits.

Physiotherapy for children

Regrettably some babies are born with defects that will lead to physical problems as they get older. Likewise, as children grow, certain aspects of their development can be impaired. A physiotherapist can help diagnose and treat problems with joints or weak muscles. They can give children exercises to aid in co-ordination, balance and stretching or strength training. If focus needs to be given to one part of the body they can use electrical stimulation to treat it. There is also massage therapy to help strengthen any physical weaknesses.

Physiotherapy for accidents or illness

If someone has been unfortunate enough to suffer in an accident, it is more than likely that some form of physical therapy will be required to help them recover. Bone fractures are incredibly painful and can be very damaging to the body depending on the type of fracture and where it occurs. As the bone heals, physiotherapy may be necessary to help to get the muscles back into their former condition.

For those who suffer from a permanent disability, physical therapy is a necessity to ensure their muscles and joints do not deteriorate further. Surgical procedures such as knee replacement need physio as part of the aftercare to help leg muscles that may have been weakened. The muscles are electrically stimulated to help improve their function.

As we get older our bodies, like anything we use frequently, start to show signs of wear and tear. Pains in the back and knees, arthritis or other problems such as cerebral palsy can all occur and need treatment. Even if patients think they can do the exercises on their own, a therapist is needed to ensure they are doing everything correctly and are not straining themselves.

If such treatment is needed there is more than just a sports physiotherapist to choose from. There are many physiotherapists that work with patients that have a variety of needs, in addition to athletes. A doctor or hospital will be able to recommend someone if it is necessary.

Physical therapy helps to alleviate pain and improve the flexibility and function of joints and muscles for the young and old patients who need it, as well as others suffering because of an accident or disability. Physiotherapists work with the patient, improving them physically but aiding with their overall health and well-being as well.

Of course, it is also up to the patient to work with the therapist. They need to have the motivation and drive to get better in order to achieve the best results. Working in this way, anyone can reach their physical potential despite difficulties.

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