Mind Over Weight – 6 Ways To Attain Your Weight Loss Goals

In the battle against weight loss, a few people succeed where so many have failed. What is it that makes these people special? Two people can be on the same diet program and while one achieves lasting results, the other falls off the wagon and remains overweight. This is an issue that has led researchers to try and understand what causes some people to be successful while others fail. The answer lies in the mind. The mind is very powerful and it affects weight loss.

What we believe affects how we feel which ultimately affects our actions. Everyone knows that following a good low calorie diet, combined with regular exercise, will lead to weight lose. There is however a big gap between knowing and actually doing. Getting your mind focused on what you need to do, seems to be the biggest problem when dealing with weight issues. Successful weight loss starts in the mind, as the mind provides the motivation and stamina to eat the right foods and to exercise.

Having realistic goals

If you go into a weight loss program thinking that it will be difficult to accomplish, then you are bound to fail. Most women have an ideal body image that is usually based on their favorite celebrities and when they look at these women and the lives they lead, they automatically decide that it is impossible to achieve their goals. It is important to be realistic when setting goals and this begins in the mind. Begin by realizing that these women you are trying to emulate may not be perfect and most of them have their own secret body image struggles.

Set short-term goals that are less daunting and will give you a sense of achievement once you have accomplished them. After accomplishing the goals, set new ones and keep altering them accordingly until you reach your ideal weight, one that is healthy and easy to maintain. By following a few simple tips, you can think yourself into a slim healthy body!


  • Think positive thoughts and affirm yourself throughout the day. By thinking like a winner, you will become a winner. When you fail, do not rebuke yourself, remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day and you will do better.
  • Imagine yourself looking slim and feeling healthy and keep that thought in your mind all day. Do not focus on what you look like now, but rather on what you will look like. Get to a point in your mind where you are sure that this transformation will occur and it is only a matter of time.
  • Think about what you are eating every time you sit down for a meal, and understand why you are hungry. Most people who struggle with weight issues admit that they do not really think about what they are eating. They just reach for the most convenient foods, which are usually the unhealthiest snacks.
  • Set attainable short-term goals that will give you the opportunity to celebrate yourself when you achieve them. As human beings, we like experiences that bring us pleasure and when you start seeing your fitness goals as something that is pleasurable, you are on the way to successful weight loss.
  • Spend time reading stories that offer you inspiration and motivation. When you meditate, more on positive weight lose stories than on failures, your mind begins to recognize the fact that you can also do it. You should also learn how to love yourself without focusing on what you look like on the outside.
  • Understand your internal pressures and you will be on your way to losing weight. Some people who struggle with weight issues are struggling with other issues that may not seem related. Once you deal with the underlying issues, you will find it much easier to lose weight and keep it off.


The mind is very powerful and by simply renewing it and changing the way we think, we can achieve anything. Avoid dwelling on negative statistics and instead decide that you will not be bound by what others are saying. When you make it about yourself, and love yourself enough, you will even be able to overcome conditions that you have always held onto as being hereditary. Just remember it begins with you!

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