Is Early Morning Exercise Better for Losing Weight?

Anyone who has ever gone on a diet or who is serious about weight loss will agree to the fact that timing is critical when it comes to when you eat and what you eat while trying to shed some of those unwanted pounds. Some people practice eating an hour before they start an exercise regimen because it helps boost their energy levels while others prefer to fast before a workout schedule.

People’s perception on what is most effective when it comes to improving their fat metabolism can be associated with various theories on the metabolic processes that govern how fat is broken down in the body. The theory behind skipping the most important meal of the day in lieu of weight loss may be a tough pill to swallow for many, but studies have shown that this may be an effective approach to a speedier weight loss track.

What are the possible health benefits of exercising before breakfast?

Nutritionists are starting to see the benefits of working out before having breakfast, with more people exhibiting successful weight loss records by employing this practice. A possible reason for this effect may be attributed to the body using fat to fuel the exercise instead of carbohydrates waiting to be synthesized in the stomach.

People generally take carb rich meals for a breakfast menu which doesn’t help much when it comes to weight loss efforts. By fasting before a workout you can improve your insulin levels and create a tolerance for glucose, which means that the body breaks down fat rather than sugar.

What are the exercise routines that work best with the pre-breakfast regimen?

Maintaining a low impact routine that doesn’t require a lot of endurance training is the most ideal form of exercise plan to coincide with exercising in an empty stomach. Heavier load would normally require you to burn more energy that what is stored which is why nutritionists recommend eating a light snack if your fitness routine includes lifting weights. Since your goal is weight loss, your fitness plan will rely heavily on cardio workouts and this is where exercising on a fasted state will help boost the fat burning process while exercising. It is best to do a holistic but low impact workout such as exercising on an elliptical machine. Peak training exercises are advisable as well, because their goal is to push your body’s metabolic response and increase the breakdown of fat while performing the exercise.

Of course the most important consideration when exercising is to know your limits and have a feel of your body’s response to this weight loss method. Consider your diet plan carefully when deciding to exercise before having breakfast because it may determine the effect and fat burning speed altogether. If you start to feel dizzy and experience lethargy during a workout, its best to check your blood sugar levels. Skipping a meal before a workout doesn’t mean you can’t drink an energy drink or an energy shake if you need it as a conditioning element to get your body adjusted to your new anabolic matrix.

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