How To Hair Chalk Your Hair

Good news for the ladies! Ever wondered if the soft pastels chalk that you’ve been using can also be made as a fashion statement? You can, by simply rubbing and smoothing the chalk with the colour of your choice on your hair, anywhere!

Although this colour – streaked hair trend has been going on for some time, credits are all due to Lauren Conrad. According to, it all starts when Lauren Conrad featured hair chalking in her blog ( The next thing, hair chalk is taking the world.

It all starts with hair chalk, you will need some of these for sure!

Hair chalking is a great way to make a fashion statement minus the commitment of getting stuck with the chosen colour for a quite a time. . The style and effect are endless if you’re hair chalking. You can pick out any colours suitable for the occasion and still shows out who you are. And it’s really simple to do, a fun thing that can be done for just about any occasions; going for a crazy all – out party, birthdays, and clubbing around town or simply goofing out in your home. Works if you’re the quiet preppy girl!

Again, hair chalking is quite easy. Just prepare out all the materials needed and trust me, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket;


  • A set of pastel chalk. Can be found at your local craft store as low as £4! Make sure it’s a soft pastel chalk and not sidewalk chalks or oil pastel chalks (removing it from your hair will be a nightmare of stickiness!)
  • A bowl of water (optional), particularly useful if you have darker strands. As mixing water with the chalk releases chalk’s pure pigment, making the colours more vibrant
  • A flat iron or curling tongs, if necessary. It’s useful to set the colour on your hair and making it stand for several washes
  • Rubber gloves and an old shirt to protect your hands and clothes as the chalk dust can go everywhere


Get everything set, pick your chalk, and make a statement with these simple steps;


  • Colour out your tresses based on the look you wanted (take the cues from the celebs). If your hair is dark or deep tone, wet it first with a little bit of water. If it’s blonde, then by all means.
  • Set your hair with curling flat or tongs on the coloured strands to set the colour, making it last longer
  • After you’re satisfied with it, brush out to remove any excess of chalk dust and you’re ready to go!

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It’s important to always brush out all the excess of chalk dust after each hair chalking session because chalk dust can suck up the moisture from your hair. Because of this you need to use a clarifying shampoo along with conditioner to remove the chalk and nourishing your hair again. Don’t worry as the pigment washes out easily as it soft pastels use a small amount of gum Arabic as a binder.

During hair chalking, instead of smoothing the pigment on your tresses, twist it around the pastel to make the chalk release more pigment to make the colour more vibrant. It’s a good idea to wet your hair minimally to see the pigment distributed evenly and to ensure the effect is exactly what you want.

Hair chalking is really simple and it’s really up to you to decide what style, colours, and look that you want; be it tie dye effect, bold, whimsical, or a just a soft touch of pastel hues to make a fashion statement of you own. Be bold, Go for it!

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