Cutting Out Sugar For Healthy Living

Sugar is one of the main causes of health problems in children and adults. High levels of processed sugar in food and drink can result in weight gain, as well as high blood pressure and heart disease. Processed sugar is also harmful to teeth, and can lead to decay and other gum problems. Excessive use of sugar can similarly result in Type II diabetes.

Cutting out sugars like corn syrup and white granulated sugars can have significant health benefits, both in terms of your metabolism and your general health. Breaking a dependence on sugar as an energy booster, or as a sweetener, will ultimately mean that you will have a healthier heart, improved blood flow and a lowered chance of contracting diabetes. In order to do so, it is necessary to look at alternative sweeteners, as well as the benefits of switching to diet sodas, waters and a more balanced diet and exercise regimen.

1 – Alternative Sweeteners

Processed, high calorie sugars can be easily avoided by using alternative sweeteners. These sweeteners tend to take the form of chemical compounds and natural extracts that deliver the same sweet taste as processed sugar, but without the high calorific content and effect on the metabolism. Most alternative sweeteners will pass through the body without building up deposits in the blood stream, and when used in moderation will not result in tooth decay.

Key examples of alternative sweeteners include aspartame, an amino acid derived compound that retains the taste of sugar, but does not deliver the same calorific problems. Other popular types of sweeteners include Stevia and Saccharin, all of which can be used in moderation through diet sodas, sachets, and as flavouring ingredients for baking and cooking.

2 – Diet Sodas

Cutting out sugar can take the form of switching from sugary soft drinks to diet sodas that have low to zero calories. Diet sodas typically contain alternative sweeteners, usually aspartame, and are ideal for avoiding the energy crashes, blood pressure rises and tooth decay of more sugary drinks. The low calorific content of diet soda is particularly valuable for people who want to lose weight by regulating the amount of calories that they take into their bodies. You can read more about aspartame here.

3 – Water Intake

Cutting out sugar and taking in more water can help the body’s metabolism to better process food. Drinking more water before meals and during the day will also help to reduce headaches and losses of concentration. Moreover, water will help to avoid appetite cravings during the day, and can be used as part of a healthy drinking regimen that cuts down on excessive levels of caffeine.

4 – Moderate Diet and Exercise

Reducing the amount of processed sugar in a diet will have long term benefits, and should form part of a commitment to at least five fruit and vegetable units per day. In the same way, it is important to cut out, or find healthier alternatives to processed sugar in cakes and sweets. At the same time, building up a regular exercise regime will help you to burn off calories and improve your general health. As with any form of weight loss and healthy dieting, moderation is key to all of these approaches.

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